Many of the UK’s 60-70,000 masonry arch bridges are well over 100 years old, are often listed structures and urgently require structural repair and strengthening.

Age, weathering and increasing loads and stresses have, in numerous cases, led to problems such as:

Helifix has developed a variety of innovative tying, bonding and repair techniques which use its products in appropriate combinations to provide unobtrusive solutions for all such situations where masonry has cracked or failed. These nondisruptive and concealed repair strategies offer savings in both time and money and sympathetically restore full structural integrity.

The stabilisation and installation techniques employed minimise the disruption to road and rail services and avoid the need for expensive re-building by combining with and conserving the existing fabric.

This makes them ideal for historic and listed structures which are left repaired but visibly unimpaired with no unsightly external plates or restraints.

1. Soffit - Barrel Arch Beaming
and Pinning (Soffit Plan).
2. Pier - Crack Pinning.
3. Abutment - Crack Stitching and Pinning of Coping Stones.
4.Beaming and Pinning.
5. Pier - Crack Stitching.
6. Spandrel Pinning.
7. Replacement and Pinning of Spalled Bricks (Elevation).
8. Parapet Wall Stabilisation.
9. Ring Separation - Barrel Arch Pinning.
9a. Ring Separation - igap Waterproofing.