Sinking foundations, Cracked and Buckled
walls and uneven floors are common
problems found in a quarter of a million
homes. WE CAN HELP! When you select
our Chance Helical Pier Foundation
System, a fully trained and qualified
member from Bearings Structural Solutions
will visit and inspect the foundation to
determine the installation requirements.
We will then prepare a design based on
the projects local Soil Conditions. Our
design team will then calculate the
capability of our systems to provide you
with the correct solution. Our service will
escort you from conception to completion
relieving you of any technical headache
that can normally occur.

Installation of the MicroPile can be
completed very quickly and easy to prevent
things like this happening to your most
expensive lifetime investment. Our repair
system can be carried out in almost every
situation and with the most limited access
the benefits include no messy spoil to cart
away, Minimal disturbance to existing
ground and vegetation and with incredible
installation times.