Bearings Structural Solutions are Approved
installers of the Platipus Anchoring System
it is very unique, Modern and Versatile
device that can be assembled in most
displaceable ground conditions easily and
quickly, it creates minimal ground
disturbance during installation and can
also be driven from ground level using
Conventional portable equipment.
Our Platipus Anchoring System can
provide stability to Retaining Walls, Slope
Stability, Bridge Repair, Sheet Piling,
Erosion Control and many more.

The Platipus s2 geo system is an ideal
solution for surface erosion problems. It
can be driven by hand, directly through
most surface covering materials and due
to it immediate holding capacity of up to
250kg under tension, is much more
effective than the standard pin.
Bearings Structural Solutions can provide
an onsite load test along with all the design
work to meet all you and your clients