Bearings Structural Solutions retained a concrete wall in Marseillan
Network Rail depot, Oxley

Bearings Structural Solutions Retained a concrete wall in Marseillan France using the Platipus ground anchor and plati-drain system along with Thor Helical bed joint reinforcement systems. The client called our head office at the beginning of June 2012 with the problem that his 7 bedroom villa was due for holiday rental the second week of July with a possible loss of 3K per week and the wall to be retained was directly adjacent to poolside where sun loungers are positioned.

The repair design and quotation negotiations were completed in fourteen days and our operatives where flown to site to meet with the supply vehicle and complete the works in three weeks allowing our client to prepare his forthcoming rental preparations stress free.

The works consisted of diamond drilling 16no 100 dia core holes for the insertion of the Anchor system and Plati-drain to a depth of 5 metres. Each anchor was locked off at 10Kn achieving a total retaining strength of 160 ton. Additional weep holes were cut to the upper line of anchors to release any future retained water that may apply pressure to the wall in the future.